Friday, December 19, 2014

Winter Warm-Up Blog Hop

It's A Winter Warm-Up Blog Hop

I am back once again in another great book blog hop hosted by Romance Blog Hop. If you didn't get a chance to win my first short story book A Wife's Denial, you can always purchase it on the link below for a very small price. In this round of blog hop I am giving away a Christmas theme read that is surely to warm you up. Get your hot cocoa, coffee and cookies ready for another awesome prize. 

You can also enter grand prize drawing to win a $75 Amazon Gift Card as well. Enter Below!

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I am please to announce a great short story called A Christmas' Day Surprise.  Would you comment the ultimate act to get revenge on your spouse? In this great short read you will get a chance to read Annetta Johnson side of the story as to why she had to do it.
Not only will you get this great erotic free read but you also will a list of great candles and bath items as well. Check out the summary below. 

Annetta suspects her husband is having an affair, and on all days, Christmas’ Day, she decides to have her cake and eat it, too. What she discovers is not what she was expecting.

Look what is included in your Warm Up To Winter Blog Hop.

Christmas Theme Wickless Candle Melt

These are great in a 18 or 24 watts candle warmer. You will get one box set scented in Christmas Cookies, Gingerbread, Acorn Harvest or Christmas Cabin. They come package in this cute white box.

 Daisy Holiday Cupcake Soap 

This soap weight 4oz. It's good for the 5 showers if you cut it up. It can be use for shower depend on how you cut it.

                            Snow Flakes & Christmas Trees

What a great way to add Christmas shape candles to accent your home or office. You will receive 3 Snowflakes in 3 different style and 3 different Christmas Trees in 3 different style as well. 

Christmas Treat Melts

You will get 4 color in Green with the red drizzle and 4 in Red with the green drizzle. These will also be scented in one of the four holiday fragrance: Gingerbread, Christmas Cookies, Christmas Cabin or Acorn Harvest. This is a great fit for the candle warmer I have picture in the photo above.

Lovespell Champagne Cocktail

A fun and flirty blend of sparkling champagne, made with Epsom salt and top off with a holiday scented whipped Soap.

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