Monday, May 30, 2016

Guest Post

 When Sex and Love are One and the Same
Anna del Mar

Let’s face it: In the age of hook-up apps, sex and love rarely go together. No judgement here. Most of us have ditched the trappings of the medieval sex age and embraced the benefits of safe, consensual sex. But as an erotic romance writer, I’m always looking for that extra sizzle that takes it up a few notches and elevates the thrill and excitement of the sexual act into the realm of the blissfully sublime.

I do that in two ways. First, I choose to tell a story where sex is not just a want; it’s a need, a compulsion birthed from the soul and translated to the flesh, a healing force born of the merger of our strengths and weaknesses. Second, I want to tell a story where sex matters, where the act is the vehicle and love is the ultimate destination.

It’s a tall order, I know, but I had a blast doing just that as I wrote At the Brink, a smart, sexy, high-impact, contemporary erotic romance, the first in my series about wounded warriors who enter into a sexual agreement only to discover love's extraordinary healing power.

Josh Lane, decorated war hero and former SEAL, has transformed himself into one of Boston's richest and most successful entrepreneurs. He is blunt, ruthless, intense and exacting, a workaholic driven by internal demons, a man who doesn't play games, except in bed, of course, where he is always in control. When a business associate approaches him with an unusual—not to mention scandalous—trade, Josh isn't interested, until he meets the woman at the center of the proposal. His meticulously constructed world goes to hell when he shakes hands with Lily Boswell.

Lily Boswell teeters at the brink of disaster. A talented but stifled artist, she's trapped in a loveless marriage, exhausted from working to make ends meet and crippled by severe bouts of anxiety. She has no idea how to reclaim her life, passions and freedom—that is, until her scheming husband persuades her to enter into a sexual agreement with the enigmatic Josh Lane.

What follows is a tale of intrigue and sexual obsession, where Josh and Lily rely on each other to overcome the dangers of a ruthless world filled with hostile takeovers, cyber espionage, spurned lovers and betrayal. But here’s the key to all the action and what makes this novel different and unique: While these two are exploring sex, kink and everything in between, unbeknown to themselves, they’re also discovering their mutual secrets, confronting their fears and healing together. For them, love is sex and sex is love’s greatest expression.

It all goes to show that love and sex are not always the same, but when they join together, they transform into a powerful, life-changing force.




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