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The Lords of Whitehall #2
Kristen McLean
Releasing July 19th, 2016
Young Ink Press

When her husband’s death is ruled a suicide, Lady Dumonte suspects foul play. However, finding the truth seems impossible after every investigator in Paris turns up empty-handed. Now she is forced to seek help from Lord Pembridge, a feckless libertine.
Although the pain of loss is a constant reminder of why she must hide her heart, this carefree scoundrel threatens to break past her defenses. He could uncover the truth regarding her husband’s death, but is learning the truth worth risking her heart?

Lord Pembridge has wealth, angelic good looks, and a sunny disposition. None would guess the dark secret blackening his past or the grudge controlling his future. It was the reason he could never have a family of his own, a fate he had accepted until he was forced to play detective for the one woman who could tempt him.


Kristen has always had a love of novels, with a special place in her heart for historical romance. After reading enough of them to fill a rather impressive library, she decided to write her own. Now she has the pleasure of writing at home, tucked away in a forest with her husband, two children and her cat. Her husband is loving, and impressively patient, her two beautiful children strive to embarrass and exhaust her, and her cat hates everyone, but tolerates—well, she tolerates whoever will feed her.

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Who designed the covers? Young Ink Press author, Sarah Brianne, does all the covers. She is marvelous!

What inspired you to write this book? I spent some time in Paris a couple months before writing Nick’s story, and it stuck with me. It’s a beautiful city with a lot of history, and my mind just started thinking of what would happen if my characters where there.

How did you come up with the title? I wish I could say it just came to me, but actually I made a list of words that I could apply to the story, and then began putting them together until I found one I really connected with.

 How much of the book is realistic?
I do a lot of research to make sure everything in the book is right for the time period. From the guns they use to the passing references on boy’s schools. Though, I do give my characters cutting edge technology for the time. Since the hero works for the Home Office, the historic equivalent of MI5, I think it’s safe to say that if the technology existed, they had it.

 Was there anything you found particularly challenging in writing this book?
It’s always challenging dealing with the death of a loved one, but even more so when it’s a suicide. Conveying the emotions that one might feel in such a situation was difficult, because I really didn’t want this book to be depressing. It’s Nick’s story after all, the happy, go-lucky fellow. For that reason I didn’t spend as much time digging into those emotions as I might have had this been a more serious book.

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