Friday, October 14, 2016

Fall Into Romance Book Hop

Blog Hop~Fall Into Romance Book Hop

What's my favorite genre I love to fall in love with? Romance of course! On this giveaway I am going to share my love of romance be it with a happy ending or with lot of erotic going on. What is romance: Romance can be defined as a genre where the plot center around the love between two protagonists. This theme that explores love, including but not limited to: love at first sight, forbidden love, love triangles, and sacrificial love. The tone of Romance book can vary greatly. Whether the end is happy or tragic, Romance novels goals is to evoke strong emotions in the audience. 

I loved romance where heat get hot. There's nothing I enjoy more than reading about two people falling in love and the best romances are the ones that make me laugh, and wanting more.
Now for the giveaway!

I am giving a way:
2oz Body Oil scented in Bombshell Diamond
2 Soy candle Melt Scented in Lovespell
4oz Pamper Bath Salt scented in Eucalyptus & Spearmint
Gourmet Bundt Cake Sugar Scrub
A Christmas' Day Surprise short Scandalous read.

sugar scrub cake

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