Monday, August 19, 2019

What Comes After- Review

What Comes After
Melissa Toppen
Publication date: Aug 9th, 2019
Genre: Adult, contemporary, romance
Life is full of many things.
No matter how small, each moment has value.
Then there are the big moments.
The moments that define us.
And the people who shape our very existence.
Abel Collins is that person for me.
From the very first time our eyes locked, I knew there was something about him. That he was the person that would change everything.
And he did.
But Abel isn’t just any man…
His past is his prison.
His guilt keeps him chained.
His grief defines him.
And now it’s up to me to set him free.
To make him see that life isn’t just about what we’ve lost but what we still stand to gain.
Because it’s not about what came before, but what comes after.


What comes after the pain? Abel lost his wife Finley due to cancer and for the longest time(3 years) he thought he wouldn't find anyone(not that he was looking) or for that matter be able to move on with his life. He so love Finley so much that I could feel his pain.
It wasn't until he met Peyton, that he grew to love her and she in turns grew to love him. It was at that moment when Peyton was in a car accident that Abel that he once again was reliving the lost and pain that he felt with Finley. He was left to deal with choices of trying to decided what to do with his true feeling for Peyton. Abel felt like if he continued to fall in love with someone else then that mean his love and memory of Finley would be abandon and lost. He was able to still have a place in his heart for Finley and truly move on to love Peyton. 
This is truly an amazing love story and tear jerker. Peyton and Abel encounter tragedy and a journey toward pain, lost and love. Melissa did an amazing job with the story line and well develop characters.

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