Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Review of Love or Loyalty

About the Book: 
Maliya grew up happily with her brothers and parents in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. Yeah sometimes the streets were unsafe but her parent's made sure that her and her brother's stayed away from all of that.

Up until her mother's infidelities were exposed, causing her once "happy" family to cease to exist. Having to chose between staying with her brother's and her dad or leaving the state with her mother, was a hard decision to make, one that ultimately caused her to burn a bridge with her little brother Jaycee.

Almost by fate an unfortunate event brought her back home to Cleveland, to the people that she wished she had never left.

Before she could even settle back into her childhood home her older brother Terran is tragically killed, Jaycee desperately wants to avenge his brother's death, even if it means sending his sister in to set Cleveland's most notorious hustler Melo up. The plan get's a little rocky as Maliya falls for Melo's undeniable charm.

Will she rebuild what was broken with her brother by sticking to the plan, or will she once again leave her brother's hanging, and chose Melo's love deciding her family's loyalty isn't as important to her.


What can I say about this book?  I felt so confused. This book was all over the place, one minute it’s coming from the character's point of view and in the middle of that sentence, it’s like it’s coming from two different author's points of view. This was a terrible read because there is no love and loyalty to choose from. It literally tells different characters' stories but it doesn’t tie in together at all. 

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