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My #SexySaturday

#MySexySaturday Blog Hop

Welcome to my first "My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop. Authors can post 7 paragraph's, 7 sentences or 7 words. In keeping with this week theme we are to show how our characters fell in love, how they plan to stay in love and all the little details, sordid or not, of their love story. Characters who aren’t afraid to show their love for each other not matter what the situations may be.

In this scene RaShawn is remembering her special day.

Chapter One:

I couldn’t believe how Calvin was acting. He has become this arrogant, insensitive and distant within the last 4 months. I can remember two years ago I stood at the altar waiting to become the new Mrs. Calvin Price. I longed for this special day to finally kiss and make passionate love to this handsome man. He was ‘5’9” tall, light-skinned with short black hair, dark brown eyes and average build. He was my man candy that I would enjoy having him in my mouth.

“Do you promised to love, honor, and obey?” The pastor asked Calvin and I.

“I do.” We both said in unison.

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Us Blog Tour

Us (L & J #3)
by Emily Eck


Told from dual points of view, Elle and J must figure out how to bring down an MC, steer clear of flying bullets in Missouri and south of the border, all the while making sure Fernie is out of the line of fire. Elle's love for J is tested, as is her belief that she will ever find "normal" with the man she loves. J is determined to make things right so he can give Elle the "normal" life she deserves. He just has to stay alive to make it happen. With his own personal sun by his side, he knows nothing is impossible. That is, until the bullets are redirected from his head to Elle's.
Elle: I held my hand up, showing him the ring he’d put on me. “This is us,” I told him. It was more than a ring. Well, to me it was more. “I promise to love you ‘til the day I die.”
J:"Us, baby. This is us. I'll love you 'til the sun ceases to shine."

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About the Author

Emily is a Midwestern Gal hailing from the United States, but could be anywhere as you read this. Currently residing in Mexico, adventure feeds her soul, and offers great writing material. She loves kids and working with kids, but can only handle caring for four-legged furry friends. A crazy dog and laid back cat have trained her to be their partner in life. After coming from a snowy climate, Emily and the animals are loving the sun Mexico has to offer each and every day. Vices include Swedish Fish, ignoring chores in favor of reading, and caring too much for people in her life. She chose to write this bio in third person as she is an Aries, and found writing in first person ended up with her writing an excessively long life story. Aries like to talk about themselves. It is something Emily is working on being more mindful of. You can contact her on any of the social media platforms below and she will respond, as her mom gave her the gift of gab.
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#PeppermintCandy #SundaySexySnippet

Welcome to another #SundaySexySnippet. Every Sunday participating authors post seven sentences, taken from a work in progress, or their published book. Since I only have my first manuscript that I am working on, it's only made sense to share my work in progress. Each week I'll be posting scenes from a chapter in my book Peppermint Candi. This week is Chapter one, so I hope you enjoy and be sure to hop along.

Excerpt Chapter 1:

“Look, I have to go and I’ll call you later.” Calvin stood up to kiss me on the lips and left out the front door.

Here I am standing here looking good as hell with a pink and purple lace bra and panty set longing for him to caress my body with his long sexy tongue. Damn it! Is all I could yell out. I had to take a warm bubble bath just to calm myself down because my clit was throbbing something serious.

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#MaE Tours #Compulsive Fascinations

#MaE Tours #Compulsive Fascinations


Event Organized by ❤MaE Book Tours & Promo Stars Services
❤Cover Design by: N. Isabelle Blanco
Synopsis You get hurt once; you assume that’s the norm. You see others suffer; you assume that’s the norm, too. At least, that’s what Livana once did. One rough go-around was enough for her. After that, she kept it simple, no strings attached. It was just easier that way. Even necessary. Until she went out one night and met Calum Alexander, a man whose intensity broke through each of her defenses, leaving her vulnerable. Afraid to fall in love, she tries to keep some of her walls up around herself, even though Calum is determined not to let her. Faced with a man that seems intent on possessing her, Liv knows it’s a mere matter of time before she no longer has a choice. That is...until Calum's own insecurities come to the fore, throwing their new, fragile relationship into a tailspin. Will the feelings between them be strong enough to keep them together, or will their issues get in the way of what they had just started to build?
Genre Erotica/ Contemporary Romance
Expected Publication Date To Be Announced

Exclusive MaE Interview with N. Isabelle Blanco!
Pssst: She finally talks about the Obsessions Series! Does this mean we're getting Ang and Luke soon? We're praying!
1. What can we expect with the continuation of Liv and Calum’s story? Nyddi: Oh man. It’s totally different from book one yet it’s makes perfect sense that their story is now heading in the direction it’s heading. Calum began discovering a whole new side to himself in book one, but it was still so simple and so “Sweet” almost. In this book, things get crazier, darker, more dramatic. Liv is dealing with her relationship phobias/issues as well as her feelings for Calum. Calum is dealing with an utter lack of control because of her that he’s never dealt with before, and they’re both absolutely clueless as to how to deal with what’s happening. 2. Why the new direction? Nyddi: I think it was always meant to be. When I wrote the first book, Calum’s personality developed on its own and he was so much more in control at first than any male I had ever written. He wasn’t an innocent, but he definitely wasn’t as wild as the men I usually write. At least, not that he was aware of. But I remember writing the scene when he first saw Livana, and his visceral reaction to her, and I felt that dominating “I’m going to pull your hair and own you” part of him awakening and I sensed his panic at that. He truly does not know how to accept this new side of him at first, especially when faced with such an independent woman such as Liv, who seems to sometimes not care whether she has him or not. As for Livana, I truly think some people might not like her at first. This book is in her POV, and we get a front row seat to her mindset. She was hurt and betrayed in the worse way and she was really, really young when it happened. When you get hurt that bad at such a young age, you erect these faulty defense mechanisms in order to protect yourself from it happening ever again. Liv now has to deal with Calum tearing down each of those defenses one by one, although she’s nowhere near ready to trust anyone again. 3. How does this book tie in to what will be book 3 of your Allure series? Nyddi: Well, the two series are tied together anyway, and they all are leading to my Obsessions Series (Angelina and Lucas). This book ties in because many of the events are happening during book two of Allure (Allure Magnified) and there are events at the end of this book that will be occurring during the beginning of Wrecked Allure, which will be the third and last installment of the Allure series. And I will say no more on the matter! LOL I don’t want to give away too many spoilers :p 4. Tell us about the sex scenes. Calum is slowly losing more and more control when it comes to Liv, and we’re dying to know how this translates in the bedroom ^_~ Nyddi: Who said anything about a bedroom? *Runs to check* Yup. I don’t think there’s a single love scene in this book that takes place anywhere near a bed…although, if you count his couch, then yeah, it was “near”. Then again, his house is really big LOL Calum is exploring all these crazy new urges he has because of Livana, so trust me when I say that the new, upgraded Calum 2.0 is going to definitely rock her world. I’m barely surviving writing him! 5. What else are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future? Nyddi: The project I’m most immersed in, aside from CF, is Need. I’m writing that book with K.I. Lynn and OMG. I’ve already predicted that it will break me once we’re done writing it. It’s turned into one of the most emotional, fun, frustrating rollercoaster rides of my career. We’re almost at the halfway point and I have to say that I have never been prouder of something I’ve worked on before. Bringing an alpha male to life alongside K.I. Lynn is exhilarating, hormonally painful, and spiritual all at once LOL! (I really, really mean this.) I am so excited for us to get this one done so we can show it off to the world. After Need is finished I have the following books in the cue to be written and published in 2014/2015: Wrecked Allure (Allure #3) Blood Drenched Conquest (Szolites #3) Systematic Seige: Provocative Tendencies (SSPT Episode #1) Broken Headboard, Power Panties, & Penis Charms (Broken Headboards #1) Damage Owed (Retaliations #2) Systematic Seige: Provocative Tendencies (SSPT Episode #2) The Exchange Part 2 (Project Sapphire #2) And these are only the ones I'm allowed to announce so far! So yes. The next year or so will be the busiest year of my life. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. Thank you so much to all my fans that keep pushing me and keep me going. I could never live without your support and I go to sleep and wake up in the morning with the drive to write faster because of you <3

About the Author
nisabelleN. Isabelle Blanco was born in Queens, NY (USA). At the age of three, due to an odd fascination with studying her mother’s handwriting, she began to read and write. By the time she’d reached kindergarten, she had an extensive vocabulary and her obsession with words began to bleed into every aspect of her life. An avid reader in her teens, her fascination with Japanese anime eventually led her to the universe of fan fiction, which became her on-again, off-again hobby for the next ten years. During that time she amassed a following of fans that, by her own admission, she would never be able to live without. It was those fans who encouraged her to step beyond the fan fiction realm and try her talent in the publishing world. N. Isabelle Blanco spends her days working as an author, web programmer, marketer, and graphic designer. That is when she isn’t handling her “spawn”, as she calls her son, and brainstorming with him about his future career as a comic book illustrator.
Connect with N. Isabelle Blanco!
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#Cover Reveal broken heated

September 11, 2014

Detective Faith Julies sets out to find the killer of her parents after fourteen years. Falling in love with her partner Trey Branson was inevitable but after believing Trey has been unfaithful, Faith is left shattered.

Cash O'Connor, the man who broke her heart from the past comes strolling back into her life. She finds herself loving two men, but trusting neither.

Will she ever put the pieces of her heart back together? 

Three hearts at stake. Faith can only choose one. Who will be left broken hearted?

Trey touched her shoulder as he turned her over. “I thought I knew love until you came along Faith. You have the body of a goddess and you consume me with passion. I need all of you, Faith. All of you.” His fingers slid down her neck, as he held her to him softly. While his mouth hungrily found hers, his hands began to explore her already wanton body.
C.H. Carter is a Comtempory Romance author who is composing a series called Chicago Hearts. Her first novel in this series is Broken Hearted. When she’s not creating her love scenes or intriguing us with her murder mysteries, she’s writing short stories for her first children's book.

C.H. Carter is a wife of thirty-three years and a mother of four who lives in a small rural community in Southern Indiana. She enjoys reading, writing, and being with her beautiful grandchildren.When C.H. Carter isn’t writing, she has been providing love and care for her invalid mother for the past twenty years and working full time. She has been inspired to write all of her life, however, had to put it off because motherhood, family, and making a living had to come first. Now she is at a point in her life where she is going to pursue her dreams.


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Erotic Romance...what is it?

What is Erotic Romance really?

Romance in general had came a long way in the fiction market. They have been on the market longer than other type of genre. Romance fiction has a wide variety of storylines and setting. The hottest trend now in romance novel are the graphic sex. Readers want to be able to see into the bedroom to picture the hero and heroine interact with each other. Romance is more about emotions and the development of relationship. Erotic novel is more focused on the sexual relationship between the two characters. Some readers if not knowing the term can get "erotic or erotica" confused with the usage of the words "porn" and "soft porn". Here are the common terms when it comes to romance novel.

*Porn: Is for the purpose to sexually arouse the readers and that it. The plot, character and theme is downplay.

*Erotica: The character's emotion are important. The plot of the story is about sexual journey of the characters and trial they are going through. Erotica is not the main development in the romance relationship, but the author can included. It's all about the character setting not the progress of the romance. A Happily Ever After is not the main point of the story. It could have one, but not needed.

*Erotic Romance: Are stories written as part of a romantic relationship through sexual contact. Sex is the main part of the story, character and setting. A Happily Ever After is a requirement in an erotic romance. 


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Saturday Spanking Post

Saturday Spanking Blog hop

What is a Saturday Spanking post?
It's a blog post where authors who writes Domestic Discipline, BDSM or kinky romances. It's a weekly blog list devoted to spanking. Authors who write these type of stories are invited to post six to eight sentences from one of their books. To join in this fun, just click on the link and you will be sent to Saturday Spanking Blog. the blog is provided each Sunday so by Saturday you have to make sure your post is live. 

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My Writing Process

What's new with me?
Right now I am currently working on Peppermint Candi.

It's an erotic romance about a woman name Rashawn, her love life with her husband is at a stand still. He doesn't show any type of feeling love or intimacy toward her. With the encouragement of her two best friends to check out an online exclusive chat site called Ultimate Pleaser, Rashawn gives in and try the site out. She soon discover that Ultimate Pleaser  is more than what she had bargain for.

Why write romance?
There is a lot of readers who just love the read the erotic, steamy and passionate affair between two or maybe three couples. I love reading all type of genre especially steamy romances. We all fantasize about what it would be like to be with a certain person in any way possible.

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