Friday, August 8, 2014

Erotic Romance...what is it?

What is Erotic Romance really?

Romance in general had came a long way in the fiction market. They have been on the market longer than other type of genre. Romance fiction has a wide variety of storylines and setting. The hottest trend now in romance novel are the graphic sex. Readers want to be able to see into the bedroom to picture the hero and heroine interact with each other. Romance is more about emotions and the development of relationship. Erotic novel is more focused on the sexual relationship between the two characters. Some readers if not knowing the term can get "erotic or erotica" confused with the usage of the words "porn" and "soft porn". Here are the common terms when it comes to romance novel.

*Porn: Is for the purpose to sexually arouse the readers and that it. The plot, character and theme is downplay.

*Erotica: The character's emotion are important. The plot of the story is about sexual journey of the characters and trial they are going through. Erotica is not the main development in the romance relationship, but the author can included. It's all about the character setting not the progress of the romance. A Happily Ever After is not the main point of the story. It could have one, but not needed.

*Erotic Romance: Are stories written as part of a romantic relationship through sexual contact. Sex is the main part of the story, character and setting. A Happily Ever After is a requirement in an erotic romance. 


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