Sunday, August 24, 2014


#PeppermintCandy #SundaySexySnippet

Welcome to another #SundaySexySnippet. Every Sunday participating authors post seven sentences, taken from a work in progress, or their published book. Since I only have my first manuscript that I am working on, it's only made sense to share my work in progress. Each week I'll be posting scenes from a chapter in my book Peppermint Candi. This week is Chapter one, so I hope you enjoy and be sure to hop along.

Excerpt Chapter 1:

“Look, I have to go and I’ll call you later.” Calvin stood up to kiss me on the lips and left out the front door.

Here I am standing here looking good as hell with a pink and purple lace bra and panty set longing for him to caress my body with his long sexy tongue. Damn it! Is all I could yell out. I had to take a warm bubble bath just to calm myself down because my clit was throbbing something serious.

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