Saturday, August 10, 2019

Love Repaired~Review

Love Repaired

Deana Birch

Publication date: July 30th 2019

Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Attorney Amee sets aside her own needs to juggle the broken pieces of her life and family until mechanic Ben repairs her heart.

Divorce attorney Amee Benton—who has an ex of her own—is pretty sure she’s a #MomFail. Showing up late on a Friday night to retrieve her car from the shop and finding the pink frosted cupcakes she forgot to leave at her daughter’s ballet camp confirms it.

When mechanic, Ben Mathis, confesses to stealing one of the confections and asks who is taking care of Amee, she knows he’s a unicorn—a magical, beautiful beast who surely only exists in fantasies. And she tells him just that. With an f bomb for good measure.
Amee has three things Ben finds irresistible in a woman—brains, a family, and a serious potty mouth. At a chance run-in at Ben’s own personal hell, AKA the mall, he summons the courage to ask her out. Though Amee is leery of dating a younger man, and Ben is more than aware of their social gap, the two take a chance.
But Amee’s life isn’t like his. And when her ex returns and the doubting divorcée blunders, all of Ben’s insecurities are piqued anew. Now, Amee must prove to Ben his worth is much more than stand-in dad and rebound boyfriend or she’ll watch magic gallop off into the forest forever.

The title says it all. I wanted to like this book, but I couldn't get past how Amee Benton was portraying herself in the book. Amee Benton is a divorced mom with two kids and that's because her ex-husband is in jail for drunk driving. Amee had everything going for her. She clearly had a very nice home, a great paying job as a divorce lawyer. Awesome right! Then she meets Ben the mechanic who is totally opposite her lead. I felt like Amee wanted to rush into the relationship because every time she sees Ben she rushing on him by making advances which on some occasions he had to push her away from him. There was very little build-up at all and then it’s over. I did find myself liking Ben because he wanted to take it slow because he had been hurt and maybe he need love to be repaired for him. I reading feel any type of romance from either character in the book.
With that said, I did had some funny part but I wish it had more romance than lust.
I received this as an Arc.

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