Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Review of Kandy Kane Addickion 2: Chronicles 2

About the book:
Kandy Kane’s perfect world has crumbled, and even though she has many secrets; she’s definitely not alone. Her mother Gina, and her Uncle Wayne have kept a secret from her. A secret of twenty-one years to be exact, and their confession has left her completely devastated.
As Kandy suppressed memories starts to emerge, she realizes it was her mother’s forbidden affair that causes her to be brutally raped at eleven, and that she’s a product of an affair that shouldn’t have happened. Heartbroken to know Lorenzo isn’t her biological father but is the real culprit that sexually assaulted her, has hurt her to the core.
If dealing with rape, lies, and betrayal wasn’t enough Kandy has been exposed for cheating, and now her rich husband wants an annulment. Refusing to lose the life she’s grown accustomed to she’s willing to do ANYTHING to make it right! Saving her marriage won’t be easy, and Kandy will learn a valuable lesson on how every wrong choice has the worst consequence!

What I like about the book: 
The main character Kandy was a REAL FREAK! She was very sneaky and the sneaky and crazy thing she was doing was finally catching with her. This book grabbed my attention and  I did feel the scenes were very realistic, and I will definitely be purchasing another book, and if there is a sequel I can't wait till I read that one.

What I didn't like about the book:
There were some grammatical errors that were distracting to the point where I almost put it down a few times.


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