Saturday, August 1, 2020

Lush~Book Review

About The Book:
Cameron, a young man struggling with his own identity comes face to face with the dark, violent, sordid, side of exotic dancing and prostitution on the inner-city streets of Orlando, one of the hottest cities in Florida. Using basic business and marketing skills, Cameron finds a better way of living that most of the world isn’t ready for. He sheds the expectations of society and from this point on Cameron no longer exists. This is the story of Lush.


What can I say about this book? 
It started off good and somewhere after chapter 3 I got lost and so confused. This book was all over the place, one minute it’s coming from the character's point of view which is Lush aka Cameron. I couldn't understand how he (she) got from living with the mom to all of sudden Lush has a move and now is living the glamour life. I felt like it was two different authors writing this book. This book makes for a terrible read because there is no climax or wow factor in this book. It literally tells different characters' stories but it doesn’t tie in together at all. 

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