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Hello Authors/ Promotors 

We're pleased to share that the Dashing Bling Read website is back up and running. More updates will come later this year. We will focus more on books and giveaway content. Awesome book recommendations will be coming by blog posts.

If you want to be a guest spot on my blog drop me a line, If you want to host your book tour on my blog it is a $10 charge. I love reading as well. Take in mind that I do work and have an online business.

Book Review Policy

I will happily accept book review requests from publishers.

I read Adult, romance, erotic and women fiction books.

Due to my workload, I cannot promise that I will give a and review your book straight away. However, I do try to read and review books within four months of receiving the book.

I also cannot guarantee that I will give a 5-star rating to your book. If I start reading the book and find that it is not to my liking or is something that I just can not continue, I will let you know and will not review the book. I do try to continue reading even if I am not truly enjoying the book to get a feel for the target audience but if this is impossible, I will stop reading.

I always write honest, subjective reviews that will detail how I felt during a book, but I will also let others know who I believe would enjoy the book as well.

All reviews I publish on this blog are also published on Goodreads. If you would like me to cross-post my review on Amazon, and my facebook page and blog please let me know in your request.

I am always happy to participate in book tours and extras, such as interviews and guest posts, before and after reading the book for a charge.
If you feel that your request follows the policy above, please fill out the contact form below.
I reserve the right to refuse to accept any book request sent my way.

I currently have a large pile of review books and if I don’t reply to your e-mail straight away, do not re-request. Most likely I have left it unread until I feel I have the time to read your book within my stated time frame. Any re-requests will instantly be ignored.

 If you are looking for a review the cost is $30 give me three weeks to post on what site you want. Or I can do a review for a review of my new book.
comment below.

For Book tour and authors:
Host your book tour with us as one of your stops.

Just $10.
email me @

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